Animal Shelter

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The primary function of the Lancaster County Animal Shelter is to house and care for stray and unaimals. We go on to say if they are not reclaim our primary function is to find them a home. In order to assist the Lancaster County residents, there will be a five day hold placed on all strays brought in to this shelter in order to allow time for residents to reclaim their lost Pets. If the animals are not reclaimed by their owners, the animals then become the property of Lancaster County and will be made available to animal rescues and to the public for adoption.


Lancaster Animal Shelter and Animal Control are two separate departments. If you have any complaints regarding strays, unrestrained animals or dangerous dogs please contact the Lancaster County Sheriff's Animal Control Officers at 803-283-3388.


As 2017 has come and gone we look forward to 2018. We have a lot of great things to focus on this year. The big thing that we look forward to be doing is planning for a new shelter. We are looking at becoming an open admission no kill shelter. This will be no small task and we will need our community to help us in this endeavor. We have come a long way the past few years in reaching this goal. We have some great rescue groups and great volunteers who give their time and devotion to these animals here at the shelter. We have added seven new dog kennels which gives us much needed space to hold the dogs. We have the TNR program getting worked out and going for the cats. We hope to be close to No Kill by the time we move to our new shelter. The extra space should be just what we need to get there.


The biggest thing we have still to work on is the Animal Shelter’s Perception.  We still have a lot of people who think all we do is put animals to sleep. This is far from the truth. We are an Animal Care Shelter. We vaccinate, deworm and test most animals that come in here. This is an old building and it is not people friendly sometimes especially in the cold weather times. The floors are slick and we want people to be safe at all times so we do have to limit how we do things here but we look forward to an updated modern facility where our community can come and look, enjoy and adopt.