Permits Issued by Month

Lancaster County is a proud and progressive county that is one of the fastest growing counties in the southeast.  Many people and businesses are discovering our pleasant climate, friendly people, low taxes and quality of life. As a result, construction is very robust.  We are asked frequently asked for information concerning construction trends across the county.  In an effort to better serve our citizens and to provide the answers to those questions, you will find reports of permits issued listed below.   Permits are listed on a monthly basis in pdf format.  You may download Adobe Reader to view these files.  Adobe Reader is a product of and under trade mark to Adobe systems. Lancaster County accepts no responsibility for the installation and use of this file on your computer.  click Here for the Adobe Reader download page.

The format they are displayed in is broken into report codes used by the US government (called a Dodge report) for statistical analysis.  It was included in our software package and provides a wide range of information without requiring a custom report to be created, thereby saving taxpayers approximately $1500 for the custom report. We hope you will find this page to be both informative and useful. The previous months information will be uploaded as soon as possible at the close of the previous month. 

Click Here for Archive of Permits Issued

The link will take you to a listing of permits issued , stored in a convenient pdf format. This information is produced by our current permitting software which we began using in February 2013.   Previous software did not have the capability to provide such complete information.