Radio PSAs

What is a PSA?
A public service announcement (PSA) is a great way to communicate to the public about an important topic or issue that affects most, if not all, of the general public. A PSA can be communicated via radio, television, online, or via social media formats. In some cases, they are aired or projected free of charge by a broadcaster.

Why does Lancaster County use radio PSAs to spread the "stormwater pollution prevention" message to the community? 
As part of the overall Stormwater Prevention Plan, the department uses various methods to educate the public about preventing stormwater pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides an outline Outreach Toolbox for use by State and local governments to assist them in their targeted outreach campaigns. The EPA thinks that radio PSAs are a great way to help share the message and we agree. Plus, it's always fun for us to hear our message on the radio. The first one on the list below, Detectives Smith and Jones, won an award from the South Carolina Broadcasters Association. 

Do you have an interesting idea for a stormwater message?
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