Tackle Football

Tackle Football League Program Information
(Registration Usually early July)

Boys & Girls Ages 10-12

Program Description:
LCPR youth tackle football leagues is offered for the 10-12 year olds. The age cutoff date is September 1st of playing year.
Each player will be issued a team jersey, pants, and shoulder pads. Uniform samples are available for sizing at the Springdale Recreation Center and Walnut Creek Park Office. You will receive what size you order. Reordering uniforms due to incorrect sizing may require an additional fee.

Each player will be issued Shoulder Pads that must be returned after their last game of the season. Helmets will not be issued from LCPR unless you pay an additional rental fee of $30.These helmets must also be returned by the end of the season. Failure to return shoulder pads and or helmets at the end of the season will result in being charged for the amount of the equipment that was not returned. If you do not pay the $30 dollar rental fee, then you will be responsible for supplying your child with a helmet on your own.

***If you buy your child a helmet on your own then the helmet you buy must be brand new and meet NOCSAE Standards.

***If you purchase and or borrow a used helmet, then the helmet must be Re-certified for the year of 2022.

You will not be allowed to sign your child up for future programs if the equipment provided is not returned. The equipment provided is not to be altered in any way as it removes the warranty and safety requirements.

Each player is to play one FULL QUARTER OR COMBINED EIGHT MINUTES OF PLAY PER GAME. Parents must remain in the stands/ spectator area and stay out of team areas unless tending to an injury of their child.

Season Start & Picture Day:
• TBA at The Springdale Recreation Center Football Field (260. S Plantation Rd. Lancaster SC 29720).
• All players are required to take group pictures on picture day, but do not have to purchase any group or individual pictures. We use the team pictures to give to our sponsors as a token of appreciation.
• Regular Season Games will begin TBA. There will be an 8 game regular season and all games will be on Saturday mornings/afternoon. The top 4 teams of every league will advance to a county playoff and have a chance to play for a county championship.
• All games will take place at the Springdale Recreation Center football field on Saturdays. Teams from Indian Land, Buford, Springs and Lancaster will play all of their games at the Springdale Recreation Center Football Feld. Heath  Springs and Lancaster will play all of their games at the Springdale Recreation Center Football Feld.

Team Distribution:
All players will be evaluated and drafted to teams by the coaches each year. Players will not return to the team they played for the previous year and there are no guarantees your child will be placed on the team or with a coach you request. Due to the way teams are distributed, we can't honor team requests for transportation or any other reasons. The Head Coach will be allowed a maximum of two trades which must take place the night of the draft. You should hear from a coach by the first full week of TBA.

Player Skill Evaluations:
Evaluations are not tryouts and will consist of various skill-related drills. These evaluations will be used in the draft process to make teams more evenly matched. All registered participants need to attend. Evaluations may not be conducted in an age group/area if there isn’t more than one team.
***In the event of inclement weather, please check our weather hotline (803-283-2111), Facebook, website, and/or your emails for notifications regarding cancellations and rescheduling of evaluations.

10-12 Year Old Division *Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the session and check in at the LCPR table.
• Lancaster/ Buford/Heath Springs/Kershaw Areas - TBA
• Indian Land Area- TBA at Walnut Creek Park.

LCPR will conduct all-stars for the SCAP Defined Mites division, this means that ONLY 11-12 Year olds who played in our league during the regular season will be eligible for All-Stars. All 10 year olds who played during the regular season will be ineligible to play for the 11-12 Year old All Star Team. They will participate in SCAP post-season play. If selected, all-stars require an additional fee of $40. Each player will receive a new jersey and all-stars helmet decal.