The residential property tax deadline is coming soon. All residential property taxes are due in the Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office by January 17. Late penalties can be costly, so please don’t be late!

      Homeowners whose tax payments are postmarked after January 17, 2023, will have a three percent penalty assessed. This penalty will rise to 10 percent after February 1 and to 15 percent after March 16. Tax payments which have not been received in the Treasurer’s office by March 16 must be turned over to the Delinquent Tax Collector’s Office for collection actions.

      If property taxes are paid through an escrow account as part of a mortgage, please double-check to make sure payments were received on time. To make sure your taxes were paid, visit If you don’t see that a payment was made, contact your mortgage company. The mortgage company usually sends payment by the end of December. (Even if payment has been deducted from your escrow account prior.)

      As always, the Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office is ready to help with questions about your taxes. Call (803) 285-7939 with questions or visit

- Carrie Helms, Lancaster County Treasurer