Keep Lancaster Co. Beautiful Committee

The Keep Lancaster Beautiful Committee serves to make recommendations to the Keep Lancaster County Beautiful Coordinator for the prevention and removal of litter in Lancaster County, the beautification of Lancaster County; and to promote public education related to beautification and litter.

Authority: Ordinance 2020-1651 adopted by Lancaster County Council on 05/26/2020

Governing Body: The Keep Lancaster County Beautiful Committee shall be composed of fourteen (14) members, all of whom shall be Lancaster County residents. Each council member shall have two (2) nominations. It shall not be necessary that the nominee reside in the district of the council member making the nomination. 

Term of Office: 4-year terms. A person who has served two (2) consecutive terms on the Keep Lancaster Beautiful Committee is ineligible for an additional appointment without there being a one-year period prior to an additional appointment; provided, however, upon a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the county council members, a person may be reappointed to the commission notwithstanding the term limitation. Time served in filling a vacancy shall not be concluded in the term limitation. Members continue to serve until their successor is appointed. Members of the Keep Lancaster County Beautiful Committee serve at the pleasure of council and can be removed with or without cause. 

Meetings: No less than every quarter or alternatively, more often as deemed necessary and appropriate by the Committee Chairman and/or the Keep Lancaster County Beautiful Coordinator.
Committee Members
Kristen Blanchard  District 1 6/30/2025
Dale Sullivan District 1 6/30/2025
Charquisha McGriff District 2 6/30/2023
Mattie Lowery District 2 6/30/2027
Ann Ferguson District 3 6/30/2025
Steven Fleming District 3 6/30/2025
Maureen Johnson District 4 6/30/2027
John Kane District 4 6/30/2027
Greg Gregory  District 5 6/30/2025
Cherie H. Ellis  District 5 6/30/2025
Mark E. Strickland District 6 6/30/2027
Jason Truesdale District 6 6/30/2023
Toni S. Flynn District 7 6/30/2025
Clare McConaughay District 7 6/30/2025