Van Wyck Fire District Commission

The purpose of the Commission is to operate the District. At each meeting of the Commission, the treasurer shall report to the Commission on the revenues and expenditures of the District for the then current fiscal year. Each year, the Commission shall establish a budget for the District in the same manner as other County boards and commissions establish budgets. The Commission shall make recommendations to the County Council for appropriations to the District and other District funding matters. Requests for approval to expend District funds shall be submitted to Commission. The Commission shall review the request and make its recommendation on the request to the County Council.

Authority: Ordinance 2021-1770 adopted by the Lancaster County Council on 12/13/2021.

Governing Body: The Commission shall consist of five members.  Four of the five members shall be appointed by County Council and these four members must reside within the District.  The Fire Chief for the Van Wyck Fire Department, or the designee of the Van Wyck Fire Department, shall serve ex-officio and as a full voting member.

Terms of Office: 4-year staggered terms. All terms end on June 30. Members may serve 2 consecutive terms but will thereafter be ineligible for appointment for a period of two years.

Meetings: Meetings shall be held not less frequently than once each calendar quarter at the call of the Chair.

Lorrie Ayers  6/30/2025
David Basri  6/30/2025
Sheena Hinson  6/30/2027
Monty King  6/30/2027
James Massey