We are accepting filings which can be placed in our mail container in the lobby. Once the filing is processed, staff will contact you for pick up. Filing for Divorce without an attorney can be accomplished by going to the website and downloading the necessary paperwork. We only accept money orders for this paperwork. Agencies needing copies of paperwork can contact the office at 803-285-6961 (Family Court), 803-285-1581 (Criminal/Civil Court).

Common Pleas
  Appeals $150.00
  Arbitration $10.00
  Confession $10.00
  Summons and complaint $150.00
  Foreign judgment $150.00
  Judgment $10.00
  Lis Pendens $10.00
  Motion $25.00
  Transcript $10.00
Bondsmen Licensing    
  In County  $150.00
  Out of County $100.00
Peddlers License   $150.00
Enrolling notary public   $10.00
Certified Copies    $2.50
Copies per page   $.25
Family Court 
  Summons & Complaint $150.00
  Motion $25.00