Accommodation Tax Advisory Committee

Lancaster County Council hereby establishes the Lancaster County Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee and charges said committee with the sole responsibility of making recommendations to the county council on the expenditure of the revenue received from the state accommodations tax that is received by the County. Additionally, as part of the annual budgetary process the County Council shall select one or more organizations to receive the thirty (30) percent monies as required by the South Carolina statuary law noted herein. 
Amended Ordinance adopted by the Lancaster County Council on March 23, 2020 (Third Reading). Ordinance 2020-1650.

The Lancaster County Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee shall be composed of seven (7) regular members. Membership shall be in compliance with the applicable state statute, with the majority of the membership being selected from the hospitality  industry of Lancaster County, including two (2) from the lodging industry and one from a cultural organization. To that end the committee shall be composed of the following: 

Two (2) representatives from the lodging industry whose business is located in Lancaster County:
One (1) representative from the food and beverage industry whose business is located in Lancaster County; 
One (1) representative from a cultural organization located in Lancaster County:
One (1) representative of unincorporated Lancaster County who resides north of SC Highway 5;
One (1) representative of unincorporated Lancaster County who resides south of SC Highway 5; 
One (1) representative who resides in Lancaster County at-large.