Airport Advisory Committee

The Lancaster County Airport Advisory Committee serves to make recommendations to the Airport Director for aeronautic needs of the county and the implementation of plans established by Council, plus promote the use of the airport and aeronautic activities within the entire county.

Authority: Established by the South Carolina General Assembly by Act #106 of 1965. Ordinance 2020-1646 adopted by the Lancaster County Council on 02/24/2020.

Governing Body: The Lancaster County Airport Advisory Committee is composed of 7 members representing the 7 County Council Districts. Residency in the council member’s district is not required.

Term of Office: 4-year terms. Members may serve 2 consecutive terms.

Meetings: No less than every quarter or as deemed necessary and appropriate by the Committee Chairman or the Airport Manager. 

Committee Members
Robert Ziembicki District 1 06/30/2025
Hal Crenshaw District 2 06/30/2027
Christina Barnes District 3 06/30/2025
Joie Bier District 4 06/30/2027
Marshall Walker  District 5 06/30/2025
Michael Brian Elliott District 6 06/30/2027
William Crothers District 7 06/30/2025
Paul Moses (Secretary) Airport Manager  

Agendas and Minutes