Animal Shelter Advisory Board

The Animal Shelter Advisory Board's responsibilities shall be to study, discuss, and make recommendations to the Animal Shelter Director and Public Services Division Director, and subsequently the County Administrator, on issues related to animal care ordinances, potential improvements to the Animal Shelter, and on fostering cooperation with the Animal Rescue community to further the goals of improving care and outcomes for sheltered animals. The Board's responsibilities do not include the disposition of individual animal case nor are the Board members expected to promote or to participate in fund raising activities.

Authority: Ordinance adopted by the Lancaster County Council on 09-23-2019 (#2019-1604).

Governing Body: The Lancaster County Animal Shelter shall be comprised of at least one (1) representative from each of the following five categories listed in the table below. 

Animal Shelter Advisory Board Members
Representative Category Member Name Term Expiration
Local Veterinarian/Veterinary Service Dr. Brent Glenn 06/30/2026
Animal Care/Animal Food/Animal Products Industry    
Animal Rescue Organization Arlene McCarthy 06/30/2023
Animal Owner (Canine) Ann Richardson 06/30/2023
Animal Owner (Feline) Sara E. Phillips 06/30/2023

Term of Office: All Board members must be appointed by County Council. Members serve at the will of Council and shall serve for four (4) year terms. No individual representative shall serve for more than one consecutive term.

Meetings: The Board shall meet at the call of the Animal Shelter Director, but in no event shall the meeting be scheduled less than once every four (4) months. All meetings shall be public meetings and shall comply fully with the South Carolina's Freedom of Information statutes.

Agendas & Minutes

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