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Historic Courthouse Museum
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The purpose of the Historical Commission is to preserve and identify places and things of historical significance in Lancaster County. The Commission selects markers and is responsible for the upkeep of historical sites in the county. They work with the State Park Commission in maintenance of the state park at the Andrew Jackson birthplace. They are authorized to receive and disburse funds within its budget, compile, print and seal historical pamphlets and books. The commission works with other groups, agencies and organizations in promoting events of an historical nature. The Historical Commission published the 2000 Historical Calendar of Lancaster County.

Authority: Established by the South Carolina General Assembly by Act #48 of 1953. Ordinance adopted by the Lancaster County Council on 7/25/94 (#240). Amended by the Lancaster County Council on 3/29/99 (#324).

Governing Body: The Lancaster County Historical Commission is composed of 7 members representing the 7 County Council Districts. Residency in the council member’s district is not required. The Commission also consists of six at-large non-voting advisory members appointed by the Lancaster County Council.

Term of Office: 4-year terms. Members may serve 2 consecutive terms, but will thereafter be ineligible for appointment for a period of two years.

Meetings: Every other month (beginning in January) on the second Tuesday at 6 p.m. (various locations), and at other times at the call of the chair.

Mikki Stacks Advisory Member 6/30/2027
Dennis Boyer Advisory Member 6/30/2027
Robbie Lee Knight Advisory Member 6/30/2027
Sandra Lakatos Advisory Member 6/30/2025
Zora Smith Denson Advisory Member 6/30/2025
Richard W. Van Hall Advisory Member 6/30/2025
Dan H. West District 1 6/30/2025
Tim Hammond District 2 6/30/2027
Fred Witherspoon District 3 6/30/2025
Demetra Cornwell District 4 6/30/2027
Joe Grier District 5 6/30/2025
Ann Christie  District 6 6/30/2027
Miles Gardner  District 7 6/30/2027