Lancaster County Transportation Committee

Works closely with the county engineering administrative staff to improve as many roads and other transportation facilities as possible with the funds allocated by the State of South Carolina. Cooperates with the SCDOT in maintaining and resurfacing existing secondary roads and in hard surfacing as many unpaved roads as practical. The CTC rates and evaluates all local roads not within the state system and solicits recommendations and input from local officials and citizens.

Governing Body: The County Transportation Committee is composed of 7 members representing the 7 County Council Districts. Members are recommended by County Council members and are appointed by the Lancaster County Legislative Delegation.

Term of Office: Members serve at the pleasure of the County Legislative Delegation or until a letter of resignation is received by the Lancaster County Council.

Staff Liaison: Jeff Catoe, Public Works Dir. 803-283-2101

Meetings: At the call of the Chair.

John A. Delfausse District 1
Timothy B. Cureton District 2
Stephen Catledge District 3
Rodney Thomas District 4
Rudy Carter District 5
Leonard F. Sims District 6
William Earl Capps District 7