Library Board

The Library Board is authorized to employ and discharge employees, to purchase, lease hold and dispose of real and personal property in the name of the county for the exclusive use of the county public library system, to acquire books and other library materials, to designate or mark equipment, rooms and buildings and other library facilities, to commemorate and identify gifts and donations made to the library system, and take any actions deemed necessary and proper to establish, equip, operate and maintain an effective library system within limits of approved appropriations of county council, adopt regulations necessary to ensure effective operation, maintenance and security of the property of the library system, but which are not in conflict with policies or regulations established by the county council. The County Library has facilities in Lancaster and the Town of Kershaw and in Indian Land.

Authority: Act 564 of 1978, Codified as Section 4-9-35 et seq., South Carolina Code of Laws of 1976. Ordinance adopted by the Lancaster County Council on 6/11/79 (#44); Ordinance amended by the Lancaster County Council on 12/4/89 (#180); Ordinance amended by Lancaster County Council on 6/25/94 (#242).

Governing Body: Nine members appointed by the Lancaster County Council. One member is appointed from each of the seven council Districts and two at-large members. Residency in the council member’s district is not required.

Term of Office: 4-year terms. Members may serve 2 consecutive terms, but will thereafter be ineligible for appointment for a period of two years.

Staff Liaison: April Williams, Director, 803-285-1502

Meetings: 4th Tuesday of the month, every other month at 6:30 p.m., Lancaster County Library.

Deborah Hegler At-large 6/30/2025
Dr. Deborah Cureton At-large 6/30/2027
April Williams Director  
Anne Marie Murphy District 1 6/30/2025
Erick V. Crawford District 2 6/30/2023
MaryEtta Taylor District 3 6/30/2025
Revery Johnson District 4 6/30/2027
Phyllis Jarvis District 5 6/30/2025
Dr. James Timmons District 6 6/30/2027
George Kirlin District 7 6/30/2025