Fire Rescue

Lancaster County Fire Rescue strives to support the individual fire departments and firefighters in such a manner that every asset and piece of equipment is used to its maximum effectiveness.  A dual service has been initiated with both career fire service personnel, as well as volunteers.  The size and scope of the county necessitate the continued reliance on a predominant volunteer force.  The career staff facilitates the training, record keeping, vehicle maintenance, state, and national incident reporting and serves as a liaison between the Fire Commission and County Government.
The volunteer firefighters are trained to the highest standards with both rudimentary and specialized firefighting curricula. This enables the county to be prepared for events that may be outside the ordinary course of duties and have an adequate response. Grants are applied for that supplement county government and individual fire department expenditures and appropriations.  Fire Rescue works as a cohesive partner with all other emergency service agencies in this county, while also fulfilling obligations with state agreements for mutual aid response. Most importantly, when the call goes out, an assured response by well-trained and highly motivated individuals should occur.  These firefighters are equipped with the best equipment and tools this county can afford and are trained to the necessary skills level to operate it.


Lancaster County Fire Commission
Lancaster County's Fire Rescue consists of 18 volunteer fire departments and one career department, with policies and procedures implemented by the County Council appointed 19 member Fire Commission.  The Fire Commission elects its chairman, vice chairman and secretary at the beginning of each fiscal year.  These three individuals comprise the Executive Committee.  Five standing committees:  Standard Operating Guidelines; Strategic Planning and Governmental Operations; Apparatus and Equipment; Budget Planning and Appropriations; and Personnel and Interagency Relations.  Each Fire Commissioner is assigned to one of these standing committee each year.  The standing committees address issues related to their particular area and submit recommendations to the full Commission for action.  The Fire Commission budget is administered by the Fire Rescue Office career staff that includes the Director, Deputy Director, Training Officer, Apparatus and Equipment Officer, Fire Marshal and Administrative Assistant.

Fire Rescue Staff
Darren Player-Fire Rescue Director
Darren Player, Director
Fire Rescue / Emergency Management

803-313-8051 email
Keith Wilson, Deputy Director
803-313-8055 email
Mike Magette, Fire Marshal
803-313-8056 email
Britt Blackmon, Training Officer 
803-313-8057 email
Sam Plyler, Assistant Training Officer
803-313-8050 email
Billy Lloyd, A&E Officer
Direct Line - 803-313-8054 email

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